One of the World’s Best, Most Highly Rated GMAT and GRE Tutors

William Brubaker has delivered over 14,000 explanations to  GMAT and GRE questions.  He is able to explain difficult-to-master material in an understandable way that is clear and concise.  That requires an unusual combination of exceptional information management skills and effective communication skills, which William has accumulated during his studies in Architecture and Business Administration at the University of California at Berkeley (earning degrees in both subjects there) and his business career in commercial real estate and management prior to his present career as the founder and manager of Insightprep.  William Brubaker has:
  • the ability to organize and deliver a complex maze of difficult principles and practices
  • extensive experience interacting with GMAT and GRE students in over 1,000 private GMAT and GRE sessions
  • top ratings by his GMAT and GRE students and positive reviews